Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Very Gothic Romance: Get a Free E-Book

New book release:  My latest book is a Dark, Gothic Historical Romance with a heavy Paranormal feel. 

Indie Publishing is a wonderful thing. It allows the writer to by-pass the traditional publishing houses and put their work online for anyone to read. As a celebration for this new event, I am willing to give away copies of my newest book, Dark Hero. 

This story is starts in England, with most of the action taking place in the Caribbean in 1798.
 The heroine, Elizabeth O'Flaherty, is a descendent of the Druids. 

Elizabeth will face many challenges, both from enemies in the physical realm as well as in the supernatural. She marries a reclusive man who dissects corpses in order to study the human body, a man who lives on an isolated island estate in the Caribbean with locked and shuttered rooms. Her new home comes complete with a couple of resident ghosts. She will be forced to take up her unique heritage as a seer and priestess of the old religion, in order to save her family from a very determined evil.  

As a lover of all things Gothic, from Evanescence to Anne Rice, Sleepy Hollow and Dracula, I loved writing this story. I had so much fun throwing more and more dark and creepy happenings into poor Elizabeth's life, that I truly felt sorry for this young woman as she struggled to overcome such devastating obstacles. But, as great writers have said, you have to be nasty to your heroes and heroines in order for there to be a true conflict and thus create a compelling plot. Let me know what you think, dear readers. I had fun writing this, and I hope you will have fun reading it as well. 

Here is a brief blurb from the back of the print copy of the book: 
Guard Your Dreams . . . Lest They Emerge from the Mists to Embrace You!    
After her mother is murdered, Elizabeth’s Irish grandmother uses Druid magic to summon a champion from the mists to protect her from her nefarious stepfather. Granny Sheila calls forth a Dark Hero based on the Gothic Romances Elizabeth devours with relish. When a beguiling Irishman appears at their cottage one magic summer eve, he seems to be everything Elizabeth imagined in a hero. But her dashing Irish beau is much more than he appears to be.

Donovan Beaumont is a tormented recluse who takes refuge in logic and reason. After escaping the torturer’s den he uses disguises to protect himself from those about him. As the mysterious French count, a scarred survivor of ‘The Terror’, he inspires dread in all. As the charming Mr. O’Rourke, he gains people’s trust and learns their secrets, making certain he is never betrayed again. As The Raven, a notorious pirate, he is death to those who cross him on the high seas.

As Elizabeth’s husband, he is much more than she bargained for when she said ‘I do’.  

Once they arrive at his isolated island estate in the West Indies, a dismal place where ghosts linger and sorrow pervades, Elizabeth fears her new husband may be courting madness. She struggles with his dark moods, his eccentricities and their growing estrangement.  

Elizabeth inherited the gift of the seer and is able to speak with the dead. Married to a scientist, she is reluctant to take up her gifts lest he consider her the mad one and pack her off to the nearest asylum. Tormented by guilt, past abuse and memories of her mother’s murder, Elizabeth is being stalked by a malicious ghost who was cursed by her ancestor. Elizabeth is forced to embrace her Druid heritage and confront the disturbing secrets hidden in her soul.  

The price of honesty may be too steep; if Donovan learns her horrifying secrets she may lose his love forever.  

Available on in kindle format and in Print form. Dark Hero on


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