Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is there such a thing as a cheerful Goth?

One thing I can say that has attracted me to the Gothic genre is the seriousness behind it.

It doesn't matter if it's a photo, a person, or a story; serious and somber = Gothic, in my humble opinion.
When it came to heroes, I preferred Heathcliff to Mr. Linton. My all time favorite Gothic Hero/villian is from the 1994 Movie, Wuthering Heights, starring Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff.

Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff, 1994

Spooky, yes. Scarey, Hell Yes. He was one scarey dude. But SEXY as hell. Thus, the attraction, for me.
Dracula, serious and scarey. Lestat, serious, somber and scarey.  Mr. Rochester, serious and somewhat dangerous, moody to the point of exasperation. Yes, these are the literary Gothic heroes who made my heart throb and my soul cling to the dark half.  Even Darth Vader, yes, please, in his younger days as Annikan, before he was deformed and totally corrupted.  I must say, I even fell for the Dark spiderman, when good old Peter Parker became goth for a short time in Spiderman Three. My heart sang. Yes, yes,
a vast improvement!!! That Spiderman was not the kicked dog, he had attitude. I liked it, despite the atrocious character change for our sunny, good boy next door hero. I know, I know, Peter Parker is a good boy next door, he's supposed to be sweet and endearing--but the change, no matter how temporary, was refreshing for my little goth heart.

This version of Spiderman/Peter Parker, was edgier, more alpha male and attractive. He knows what he wants and he goes after it, end of story. He doesn't take any bull from people anymore, he stands up for himself. But, alas, he had to revert to the original version of nerd/inept uncertain hero.

So, my point in all of this is the question? Can Gothic be sunny and happy, not dark and spooky and serious?  I don't have the answer, but I ask you, dear readers, to comment on this question.

I have two images that I'd like to present as examples.  The first is Howard, from The Big Bang Theory.
Howard is a geek, a loser, and sometimes his own worst enemy. On an episode, they had him dress like a goth in order to get girls (his continual mission on the show).  Howard as a Goth was sort of interesting. It was a vast improvement, and even I might feel compelled to have a drink with him at the Goth bar.
With his eyes outlined in kohl, dressed in black, with his hair done in a less ditzy fashion, he's sort of hot.

Howard and Raj of Big Bang Theory

Until he opens his mouth!  Then he's just silly.

Now, then, for those of you who love Abby on NCIS, yes, she is the most wonderful character on the show, for me. I absolutely love Abby Scuito. I wish I had her as a friend. She's a goth, dressed for work in a way that most of us could not, (that in itself is a reason to be in awe of her0. She's a scientist, and she listens to Heavy Metal music at work. Wow, it's a wonderful life!!!!  Wish we could all be our true selves all the time and everyone loved us in spite of it.

Abby is awesome. I'm so glad we have a Goth representative on prime time TV. Only problem is, she's so darn cute. Yes, CUTE.  Lovable. It works, mind you. Very well. But in the Gothic traditions, I ask you, isn't it something of a oxymoron?  The Cute, smarmy, peppy, cheerful Goth?  Hmmmm.

I don't know what to think. I seriously take umbrage with the depiction on the one hand, as a tradition Goth from an early age. And yet, I am so enamored with her character. She's just so lovable!

Abby Scuito of NCIS

And there is the problem. Lovable Goth?  Hmmm. What will they think up next? Ah, yes, lovable serial killer, a la  Dexter.

Gothic has been dark and twisty, or rather, dark, mysterious, hinting of danger, somber, grave, intellectual and romantic for centuries.  Now we have pink skull sweatshirts and T-shirts that we can put on our babies at Toys R Us, and little pink skeletal dolly images on back packs. Sort of sad, yet cute.

I still love the darker side of Goth.
And I like pink, too.
Pink and Black go well together.
Not so sure about this softer side of Goth that has emerged in recent years.
A Cheerful, perky, lovable Goth?

Give me the dark, edgy, dangerous verison, please.  Edward from Twilight is serious, all the time. He hardly smiles, hence, his appeal. The same with Annikan Skywalker in the last Star Wars, he was dark, disturbed, troubled, and it was so appealing.  I like my Gothic Heroes full of angst and gravity.  It's why I'm attracted to the genre in literature.  But, everyone has their tastes and their opinions.

Please, feel free to post your comments on this bizarre new infusion of soft, cheery and warm fuzzy pink skulls to the Gothic world. 

Chills to you,

Lilith Bloodrose

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